What Drives Mr. Jack

Giving a tour of the Nashville Parthenon in the Bentley.


Passion drives me. I'm passionate about people and I'm passionate about sharing Southern culture and things to do in Nashville.

Nashville... Southern hospitality and charm abound! People are friendly, chefs from all over the globe have moved here adding international culinary delights to crispy Southern fried chicken and homemade biscuits dished out daily by our famous old Southern cooks. The Jack Daniels distillery is just down the road and the Whiskey Trail comes right through the heart of Nashville's Broadway, AKA The Redneck Riviera. "A-List" celebrities walk the streets. I can't count the number of encounters from Vince Gill to Robert Plant. Sundays are still special family days as Nashville folks by the hundreds of thousands pack the church pews in the morning, and rush home for an afternoon of lazy naps, backyard football and TV sports. 

Join me for Southern fried Nashville tours and charters.

This Is Where I Grew Up


I'm  a child of the Old South, and a 6th generation American. I love my roots and I love the United States. After moving to Nashville, I discovered family roots buried 6 feet deep at the Battle of Franklin. I recently discovered my heritage at Tulip Grove, a home on Andrew Jackson's plantation. 

Southern Fried Tours are a fusion of information and entertainment.

Wha... Southern Fried Tours & Charters?


Before you get the idea that we serve fried chicken on all tours, let me set the record straight. Fried chicken is NOT served on every tour, but every tour is seasoned with information and fun.

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