The Civil War - Battle of Franklin




Mr. Jack is a descendent of a Civil War veteran and had family on both sides of the conflict..

In this tour, we’ll go behind the battle lines and see the Battle of Franklin through the eyes of 34-year-old, Napoleon Bonaparte Trenor (yes, that’s his real name… look him up on Google), as he leaves his pregnant wife in Mississippi and loses his life doing hand to hand combat in one of the bloodiest battles of the War.

About 50,000 Americans, Blue and Gray, converged at the Carter House cotton gin in the village of Franklin, TN. Population at the time of the battle: 750 mostly women and children. From 4 PM until 9 PM, they fought. The next morning, the women and children of Franklin crawled from their basements and opened their doors to unbelievable carnage. For the next year, they buried the dead and cared for the injured.


War brings out the worst of humanity and the very best, too. We try to remember those who, in the midst of great conflict, showed true compassion by tenderly caring for souls on both sides of the fight.

Tour Highlights:

  • Harpeth River Bridge
  • Fort Granger
  • Village of Franklin
  • Carter House
  • Cotton Gin
  • Winstead Hill
  • Carnton Plantation
  • N.P.T. gravesite


Excursions are extra and will add time and additional cost to your tour.

Here some suggested excursions for the Battle of Franklin Tour

· Add a meal! Let’s leave a little early and go to The Loveless Café for breakfast. Or lunch at one of the many cafes in Franklin. Add about an hour and about $15 per person.

· The Carnton Mansion and/or the Carter house. Add about 90 minutes and $25 per person.

· Walk around the village of Franklin. Add about 90 minutes and no additional cost unless you buy something. 

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Preparing for your Southern Fried Tour

· Activity Level – moderate. Ascending Winstead Hill is the most strenuous portion of the tour. The hill need not be climbed but doing so will heighten the overall experience.

· Wheelchair friendly: no. Historic house museums are not typically handicapped accessible to the second floor or basement. Fort Granger and Winstead Hill are natural sights that are not handicapped accessible.

· Kid friendly: Yes! Please bring car seat if needed.

· Attire: comfortable walking shoes and seasonally appropriate clothing.

· Inclement weather: the show goes on!


Tour Prices

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