Nashville Sites Tour



Get acquainted with my town, Nashville, the home of Country Music and the very heart and soul of Southern Hospitality. This town is alive. It has a pulse, a heartbeat that can be felt just as soon as we turn onto Broadway. Even now, after thousands of trips downtown, I still get excited at the sights of hundreds of gawdy, flashing neon lights and the rhythm of the country music bands! 

What made Nashville famous? Who was the first celebrity musician? Why did our first mayor have two wives and families? Do any celebrities live in town? Is there a statue of Peter Pan? Are there really 82 saloons and honkey-tonks? What the heck is a honkey-tonk? Where is the best fried chicken in town? The best biscuits?

All aboard for a memorable experience, as Mr. Jack gives you his undivided attention and regales you with stories of best and worst of Tennessee. 

Tour Highlights

· The Cumberland River and Fort Donelson. Our first citizen was a Canadian.

· Broadway – the Number One tourist destination in Nashville

· We’re all going to the men’s room! The most photographed men’s room in America. Y’all gotta see this!

· Ryman Auditorium – the Mother Church of Country Music.

· Marathon Motor Works – home of American Pickers. How about some freshly made caramels flavored with Jack Daniels Whiskey or bacon?

· Parthenon – Did you know that Nashville is often called The Athens of the South?

· The Gulch – Photo Op: Get your angel wings here. 

· 12 South – Photo Op: I Love Nashville, Reese Whitherspoons boutique: Draper James. Get an ice cream cone at Jeni’s or a homemade popsicle at the Popsicle store.

· Ride down Music Row, Country Music’s music factory. See naked people.


Excursions are extra and will add time and additional cost to your tour.

Here some suggested excursions for the Nashville Sites Tour

· Add a meal! Let’s leave a little early and go to Biscuit Love or The Pancake Pantry for breakfast. For lunch how about Pegleg Porker or Smoke’n Thighs. Add about an hour and about $15 per person.

· The Ryman Auditorium. Add about 90 minutes and $25 per person.

Customize Your Tour

This tour can be “cooked to order.” Visit the Ala Cart menu to see how you can make changes.

Preparing for your Southern Fried Nashville Sites Tour

· Activity Level – moderate. Some walking on slight inclines.

· Wheelchair friendly: yes.

· Kid friendly: Yes! Please bring car seat if needed.

· Attire: comfortable walking shoes and seasonally appropriate clothing.

· Inclement weather: the show goes on!