Southern Fried Tours

All aboard for a memorable experience, as Mr. Jack gives you his undivided attention and regales you with stories of the best and worst of Tennessee. Private, personal tours of Nashville and private charters to any destination in the continental United States of America.

No other company does tours like Mr. Jack. Whereas most tours are programmed, and the schedules are tight, Mr. Jack tours are intuitive and flexible. While helping you plan your Southern tour, Mr. Jack suggests many destinations and a schedule, but the itinerary is all yours. Choose a specific tour, mix elements of several tours or come up with your own tour. Turn a 30-minute stop into a 5-minute stop or stay an hour. It’s your tour! It’s your special day! 

Enhance your tour with an excursion to a plantation, museum or restaurant along the way. Mr. Jack will help make it special!

Southern Fried Tours

Nashville Sites


Nashville, the Heart and Soul of Southern hospitality and the home of country music. Experience the sights and sounds that have made us famous. It all started when a heart broken young man from Canada decided to go huntin’ and fishin’. Davy Crockett showed up and entertained the new settlers by fiddlin’ around down by the Cumberland river. The Fisk Singers brought us International fame by wowing the Queen of England with a command performance. Soon after radio hit the airwaves, the Carter family became the First Family of Country Music. They invented the genre!

In four hours, we’ll go from our log cabin roots to the glass and chrome high-rise buildings that make us the 14th fastest growing city the USA.

C’mon down and I’ll show y’all around.

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Grand Tour


For a breath of fresh air, how about a day in the country? 

We’ll try to cover all the bases starting with a country breakfast and ending up in Tennessee wine country. Along the way, we’ll see celebrity homes and magnificent hillside estates. 

Picturesque little villages will put out the welcome mat. You’ll be greeted with smiles so sweet that you could pour ‘em on pancakes. 

We will go behind the battle lines of the infamous Battle of Franklin where almost 50,000 Americans met on a battlefield about the same size of a football field. 

After rushing around Nashville, let’s spend a relaxing day in the country.

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The Battle of Franklin


This gets personal for Mr. Jack. His great-great grandfather carried the battle flag for the Mississippi regiment, not knowing that a relative from New York was on the other side.

In the early evening hours and into the dark of night, about 50,000 Americans converged at Carter's cotton gin. In the darkness, cannons roared, rifles emptied their lead in the general direction of their foe. 

When ordinance was exhausted, they resorted to rifle butts, shovels, rakes and hoes, not sure if they were fighting friend or foe,

 Hear the story as told by a descendant of a Son of the South.

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Celebrity Homes


This is a bonus. All tours include a few or many celebrity homes because the country stars live all over town and out into the country side. As we drive to the various destinations, we’ll point out where they live.

If you like, though, we can plan an entire tour around celebrity homes. 

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Day Tours


There is more to Tennessee than just Nashville. Within a few hours of Nashville are more exciting places to visit. 

  • Jack Daniels Distillery… this is crazy, but the distillery is in a dry county!
  •  North of town, about 90 minutes is the Corvette museum. 
  • How about a day trip to Memphis and Graceland, the home of Elvis?
  •  Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a day at Cumberland Falls.

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Ala Cart & Excursions


LIke what you see, but wish you could do this or that, too?

Maybe you can!

Every tour can be customized by choosing some ala cart items or adding excursions.

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What People Say about Mr. Jack

Awww... shucks. Thanks, y'all.

  •   “Jack is the best!” 
  • “Gr8 guy. Very professional.” 
  • “thanks for the ride and the interesting history of Nashville” 
  • “I wish I could add more than one complement, excellent service, all star driver, fantastic new car!!”
  • “Thanks so much for the tips on great places to eat!”
  • “Jackson is amazing! Thank you.”
  • “Best ride I ever had! Amazing person and intuitive! Blessing for sure”
  • “Incredible experience!!! Jack makes it more than just a ride.”
  • “What a delightful driver! Thanks Jackson! You are the best!”
  • “Very enjoyable… vehicle and conversation. He’s a great man! Hope to see him again sometime!
  • “Best ever! Very knowledgeable, friendly, and funny! Very very very clean!!”
  • “Great conversations and a true gem”
  • “Very informative on attractions. Thank you.”
  • “Excellent service, great conversation. Highly recommended.”
  • “Loved the history lesson”
  • “Best first person to meet in Nashville. Great ride full of stories and information on Nashville. Thanks Jackson!”
  • “Just an Old South Gentleman!”
  • “Thank you for dealing with our loud bachelor party!”
  • “great service and good fellowship with Christ, the One who came to save sinners!”
  • “Jackson was an absolutely phenomenal driver. He made us feel welcome, his car was spotless, and he was extremely prompt and very kind. Highly recommend”
  • “Jack was the best I could have asked for. He was respectful of our privacy yet interested in our experience. He had great recommendations!”
  • “Mr. Jack gave me the best historic tour. What a fun ride😊 Merci!”
  • “Good ole Southern boy with great information.”

And this is what I say about my clients


Y’all come from all over the world to spend some time with your friends and family. I feel very special that I have a few hours to peek inside of your world. I can’t wait to meet y’all and find out who y’all are and share some Southern culture.

Y’all rock my world!

Thank you!

(By the way, I'm the portly old cuss, 2nd from the right.)

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